Piramit Engineering and Consulting Inc. provides services to domestic and foreign construction projects and consulting solutions since 1987. By engaging its engineering knowledge and advice to the primary business sector of our economy is construction, Piramit engineering and consulting is now the leader in all partnership he shared. For us a project is successful when will put human and nature on the main plan. This approach is the core strength of the founding philosophy of our company and its adaptive combination to monitor developments in the field and his talent reflect on our work.


Through the follow-up continues national specifications and standards and international by our experienced team, we offer solutions optimized our international clients.


The most important driving forces of our success; it is the work in close collaboration with our partners in a creative way for a better future with a brilliant practical and professional approach and the production of sustainable solutions in cooperation. Today, with its acquired Pyramit achievements of thousands of national and international project transfer knowledge systematically to young and dynamic staff team and thereby institutionalize its success. Having the awareness of the imporance transfer of knowledge and experience, our company is differentiated from others with his gaze to the future.

With its own tracking system that he developed Piramit transmits information while at the same time its activities and works to its staff and its customers.


Our values;


• Be ethical and reliable,

• Act with the scientific and technical knowledge,

• Develop projects based on the human environment,

• Make realization and planning according to international standards


The institutions we offer our services


• The State Hydraulic Works (DSI)

• Provincial Bank Inc. (Iller BANK)

• Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

• Ministry of Science and Industry and Technology

• Directorate General of Natural Heritage Protection

• General Directorate of Highways

• Directoret GAP Administration

• Ministry of Housing (TOKİ)

• Municipalities

• Sanitation Administration



By the separation into two branch operation as Engineering Project Coordination and Coordination of consulting projects, Piramit supevise way more éfficace of its work. You can get all kinds of information and references via our coordinatyeurs. We will be honored to have the opportunity to welcome you and work with you.


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