Message from the CEO

Dear business friends,

Our project respectable stakeholders;


Since we created our company Piramit engineering and Council in 1987, exactly 28 years are elapsed. When I look at the past where we started this way with a young, dynamic and idealistic team, I wish to express that it is a source of pride for my colleagues in the direction of the Board and myself. Over the past 28 years we have signed important projects. During this period, in particular the projects that we have done in Sana'a - Yemen stormwater, Elbistan for the World Bank (Kahramanmaraş), drinking water in Sivas for United Nations development project in Erzincan, organized in Gaziantep industrial zone infrastructure projects, project of Kocaeli for ISU water treatment plant on summer projects beneficial both in the technical field and in the field of advice for our company.


Today, Piramit engineering with its proposals for international projects, by signing several projects with the Turkish Republics, the Federation of Russia, the Middle East and Africa is recognized in the international field. In particular, the success achieved in the projects that we have begun in Russia, the Kazakhstan, Algeria and the Yemen amply encouraged us. In this context, in order to increase our activities in the countries of North Africa and French-speaking countries in 2013, we opened our office in Algeria. The worldwide success of the construction and Turkish Council sectors have always been our pride. At the time that pyramid engineering and consulting, our essential basic principle is to follow the evolution of the sector in the world and position themselves on the basis of the evolution. I have to say with pride that, in addition to the outstanding efforts of our friends work as well as our coordinators, their technical skills in the work is one of the main factors leading to our institutionalization. Main values to the formation of the image of our brand are precise analysis of costs, technical competence, timely delivery and the most important in all of this is I guess it is to act in accordance with ethical guidelines. Because have never met an institutionalised society without is a solution-oriented. 


Knowing that the point of departure, in order to improve the quality of human life and leave a more livable world is our field of activity we loads of forces and responsibilities. Today, in our headquarters with the administration as well as our parts staff taking only us cooperate on certain projects, we have become a family.


Our next target of base, is the transfer of our know-how and our experiences with administration and new young conductors of our company independently of others. In this regard, I would like to thank employers believe in us for projects, co-workers who collaborated with friends of pyramid engineering.


Best regards

Commission President

Adnan Bilgin
Civil Engineer