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Piramit engineering and Consulting offers projects of customized solutions for institutions and companies in the field of solid waste disposal and storage since its creation project. On the subject of geological, topographic studies and preparations of projects, our project coordinators will be happy to give information to your company / your organization and make specific presentations.


Necessary legislation for the establishment of solid waste disposal facilities.
Large municipalities and local municipalities have an obligation to build to build, operate or operate solid waste disposal facilities. In order to control waste arising in the context of the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and vendors, has the collection of waste resulting from the length of useful life of the product, transportation, recycling, compliance with the obligations on the recycling and disposal, and to cover the necessary expenses of educational activities, with the coordination of the Ministry of the environment of the urbanization and the associations , have set up legal institutions. In this context, the obligation to give the responsibility of the institutions the principles and procedures for the transfer to the Ministry of the environment and ' urbanization are determined by the enacted regulations.


In this context, published in the Official Journal No. 20814 dated 14/03/1991 the purpose of regulation of solid waste control is; [...] All types of waste and therefore will be more adverse environmental effects, the transmission to the recipient, storage, transport, the prohibition of the removal of similar activities should be according to discipline, to carry out the management of substances that may harm the environment, air, water and showing the lasting impact of pollutants in the generations of soil of plants and animals, this natural wealth should be performing under the implementation policies programs principles and implementation of their development for the prevention of the disturbance of the ecological balance. [...] This Regulation consist in the elimination of solid waste from residential areas, houses, parks, gardens and industrial apart from hazardous waste. This also consist in the recycling of waste, collection of mud, their transportation, their treatments and their disposals. Natural or legal persons who want to make changes or plan to aggrandire their activities have an obligation to recycle or dispose of their waste according to the standards laid down by regulation.










Troas  Solid Waste Association  (Ayvacık-Bayramiç-Ezine-Geyikli-Gülpınar-Mahmudiye-Bozcaada-Küçükkuyu) (Çanakkale)  Solid Waste Disposal Facility Project

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