Hydraulic Structures



Piramit Engineering and Consulting; with the conditions laid down in the regulation of water structure supervision services published in the Official Journal with publication number 27933; is authorized to carry out checks relating to the design and construction of hydraulic structures by the hydraulic works of the State Department November 20, 2015.


Under this authority, we provide technical inspection services in the design and environmentally friendly construction practices for physical and moral persons, the acceleration of investments in the construction of all types of masses water, enjoy the surface and ground water, avoid probable damage, avoid wastage of national resources that may arise as a flood or earthquake.


With our certificate of authorization (SYDF) Water construction supervision company and with our specialized and experienced staff in this area, we provide services that you will need: Monitoring and Verification Project and implementation of solid waste, Installation and management Council, preparing the acceptance of installations and the submission of reports.


Regarding our services, you will find below all the steps and you can also contact us for all your questions.


Preliminary examination - PLANNING

• Report of the Select installation site

• Preliminary Examination Report

• Removal of the project cost

• Soil Drainage Report

• Hydrological Report

• Project Site Map

• geological, geophysical and hydrogeological Research

• Feasibility report

• Planning Report

• Master Plan

• Monitoring of Seismic Risk Analysis Report

• Preliminary conception

• Economic Analysis and Efficiency

• Agricultural Economics Report



• Hydraulic Structure Design

• static structure calculations of reinforced concrete

• Cost Analysis

• Analysis of slope stability of the dam

• Final design (civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural)

• Implementation projects (civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural)

• Technics Rules

• Report and footage of the area

• 3D design Structure

• The construction of geographic information system (GIS) Transfer

• Preparation of Bidding Documents